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Google Pixel 2 Review

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What is the Google Pixel 2?

Google's second endeavor at making a genuine iPhone contender comes as the Pixel 2, and it's prepared to give any semblance of the Samsung Galaxy S9 a keep running for its cash as well.

As opposed to setting top-level specs to the exclusion of everything else, Google has fixated more on conveying the most perfect, most refined Android encounter conceivable, also outfitting its most recent cell phone with a serious camera. In spite of all the acclaim this telephone has earned notwithstanding, there are still some unmistakable zones where it could be made strides.

Pixel 2 – Design

The littler of the two Pixel gadgets is made by HTC – to a Google configuration, obviously – however there's almost no of the Taiwanese company's DNA in this telephone. In reality, the Google Pixel 2 feels altogether different to some other Android telephone I've utilized as of late.

Despite the fact that it's developed from aluminum, the back has a stoney-like wrap up. It's cruel and finished; interesting at first in any case, at last, super-pleasant. It's far grippier in the hand than sparkling aluminum and isn't as tricky when sat on a table a similar way a glass back is. Neither does it seem to get fingerprints. It gives the feeling that it may scratch off after some time, however we'll need to sit back and watch if that turns into an issue.

Like the past Pixel, there's a glass 'shade' simply over the metal covering the camera sensor and glimmer. Beside adding difference to the metal, this is the place all the cell and Wi-Fi recieving wires live. Giving them a lot of room should encourage availability, however it additionally implies there are no radio wire groups somewhere else. Ideally this glass board will be less inclined to scratching – which was a main problem with the primary gadget.

The back of the Google Pixel 2 is very much outlined, at that point, however the front shows up a little out-dated. Not at all like the Pixel 2 XL or Samsung Galaxy S9, the Pixel 2 has an immense button and brow either side of the 5-inch show. The bezel here is more significant than seen on the iPhone 8. By and large, the Pixel 2 isn't considerably littler than the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Huawei P20, however those game a substantially greater 5.8-inch screen.

It appears to be odd that Google has taken this outline course, particularly since more gadget producers are settling on a bezel-less look. At any rate Google has utilized that additional space on the two closures of the telephone to include double forward looking stereo speakers – however it's still hard to pardon.

Like most lead telephones, the Pixel 2 is IP67-appraised for water-obstruction. Another, less alluring, slant Google has chosen to take after is the evacuation of the earphone jack. I can just accept the choice was taken to empower waterproofing, however it's a disgrace. What's more, despite the fact that you get a USB-C to 3.5mm port dongle in the crate and there are a lot of 'Made for Google' USB-C earphones coming soon, it's irritating by the by.

Google Pixel 2 – Screen

There is certainly not a mess to get amped up for with respect to the Pixel 2's screen. As in the principal cycle of the gadget, it's a 5-inch, 1080p AMOLED board that looks great yet is far shy of staggering.

AMOLED boards are eminent for offering more immersed hues, idealize blacks and better differentiation over their LCD partners. In any case, I'm certain that the primary reason Google decides on these boards is on the grounds that OLED is important for Daydream VR to work – which, obviously, is a major push for Google.

I'm an immense enthusiast of AMOLED shows, however they're not great. The board on the Pixel 2 edges towards the warm side, so you'll likely find that whites will have a marginally orangey tinge. Note that Google doesn't offer any ability to change hues on the show, which is irritating in the event that you lean toward a marginally cooler screen.

Most likely the single greatest element lacking from the boards on both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is bolster for high powerful range, or HDR. The capacity to playback HDR10 and Dolby Vision content from any semblance of Amazon and Netflix is accessible on the Galaxy Note 8, LG G7 and Apple's iPhone X – however it isn't accessible on the Pixel 2. This is in no way, shape or form a major issue, however it's an odd element to forget when Google Play Movies and YouTube offer HDR bolster.

Google Pixel 2 – Performance

Top of the line Android telephones have dependably been snappy, yet the first Pixel felt super-quick. The move to the Snapdragon 821 CPU and Google's capacity to control each part of the telephone made other Android telephones feel trudging in correlation.

The Pixel 2 doesn't exactly have the immense execution move of its ancestor, most likely in light of the fact that it utilizes a similar Snapdragon 835 stage and 4GB of RAM as the larger part of other 2017 leaders. By and by, it stays rapid in relatively each and every region notwithstanding when contrasted with telephones running the Snapdragon 845.

Truly – the OnePlus 5T has twofold the RAM included here, yet RAM administration in the Pixel 2 is brilliant. Accordingly, you won't see applications compel stopping or continually reloading.

The genuine trial of a telephone's execution can't be estimated after just a couple of days be that as it may; it's the manner by which it works over the long haul. The Samsung Galaxy S8, for instance, has just begun to back and feel hindered off after just a couple of months' utilization. In any case, a year ago's Pixel feels as fast as it did when it was discharged.

The essential model incorporates 64GB of capacity, and there's a 128GB adaptation accessible as well. Note that there's no microSD development, so settle on your decision astutely toward the begin. 64GB ought to be fine for the dominant part of clients, helped by the way that Google gives boundless full-res transfers of your photographs and 4K recordings until 2020.

Google Maps symbol iOS

Google Maps' area sharing component currently incorporates battery marker

The first Pixel was blocked by horrendous speakers. A solitary, pokey grille on the base was effectively blocked when watching recordings. In the Pixel 2, Google has changed to double forward looking speakers that create stereo sound that is pushed specifically at you. They sound much better than those in the first Pixel, yet they're not exactly as point by point and bassy as those in the iPhone 8.

Wi-Fi execution is great, despite the fact that it isn't as quick at changing and associating with systems as Huawei telephones. Call quality is magnificent, as well.

An incredible arrangement on the Pixel 2 XL with a pleasant and low month to month cost. You additionally get a gift voucher worth £25 for Amazon, Currys PC World or M&S included to sweeten the arrangement. Utilize our code TRUSTED10 to thump £10 off the forthright cost.

Google Pixel 2 – Software

The Pixel 2 isn't the most spec-overwhelming telephone out there, nor does it have every one of the fancy odds and ends you'll discover on comparatively evaluated telephones from Samsung, LG or Huawei. Be that as it may, none of this will matter when you begin utilizing the gadget.

The Android 8.0 programming background is so much more clean, so much smoother thus significantly less demanding to use than some other Android skin that is preceded. I can excuse the absence of a HDR show, or microSD opening, essentially on the grounds that it's such a delight to utilize an Android telephone that isn't overflowing with bloatware and unnecessary additional items.

Google has been tinkering with the homescreen throughout recent years, and I think the launcher on the Pixel 2 is the best it's at any point been. The Google seek box has moved to sit beneath the symbols, which means you don't have to reach up to communicate with it, and another unique climate and timetable gadget changes relying upon your up and coming arrangements. There's likewise a determination of unimaginably cool backdrop that quietly changes for the duration of the day.

Google Assistant was the enormous programming expansion a year ago, going up against Apple's Siri easily and rapidly stretching out to others gadgets, for example, the Google Home. The coolest new highlights is Google Lens. Reported at the designer centered I/O gathering in 2017, Lens checks your photographs and raises pertinent indexed lists for data it finds.

For example: I took a photo of a handyman's van, ran it through Lens and it got the site, telephone number and presented the site. It appears work with critical spots, sustenance things and different gadgets as well. Clearly, it's still beginning periods and there's opportunity to get better. It battles when there's parts going ahead in the photograph – and, strangely, if there's a whiskers in a photograph then it will continually raise 'facial hair' as the query item. I'd likewise jump at the chance to see Lens coordinated into the camera, instead of being a piece of the Photos application.

Another new expansion is part-programming and part-equipment. Stripped straight from the HTC U11, the sides of the Pixel 2 are weight touchy. Grasp the telephone, press and the Assistant will fly up. Not at all like on the U11, you can just utilize the press capacity to open up the Assistant; you can't remap it to whatever else. This in a split second makes it restricted – particularly since the Assistant isn't precisely difficult to start in any case.

Squeezy-includes aside, the product at the core of the Pixel 2 is the best there is on any Android telephone. For me, that makes up for weaknesses in different zones.

It isn't exactly flawless, however. I lean toward the considerably more profound battery-saver modes in the Huawei and LG gadgets, the screen shading instruments in Samsung's product, and symbol customisation in Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 5T. Perhaps we'll get a portion of these in Android P.

Google Pixel 2 – Camera

The single most compelling motivation to pick the Pixel 2 over some other handset is the camera. On paper, the 12-megapixel f/1.8 unit sounds genuinely passerby. Being used, be that as it may, it catches some superbly itemized pictures that are frequently much superior to those delivered by the opposition.

An awesome camera shouldn't be an astonishment; the first Pixel is as yet truly outstanding around, all things considered. Nonetheless, the scope of upgrades Google has added take it to another level. These incorporate optically settling the camera for less unstable shots, enlarging the gap to give all the more light access to the sensor, and enhancing the preparing that goes ahead after you've squeezed the shade catch.

Pictures from the Pixel 2 aren't care for those from a Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8; they're less soaked with profound hues and look more similar. I do love the rich tones of pictures caught on a Samsung gadget, however they're indisputably from a telephone camera. Shots taken with the Pixel 2 rise above this and look all the better for it. Hues are energetic, however greens don't have that fluorescent gleam and it doesn't influence blooms to look fake.

Where the Pixel 2 truly sparkles is in the level of detail packed into the photo. Everything from dust inside a blossom to composing on a sign out there makes the casing, and you can even yield in on a photo without it transforming into a hazy chaos.

Unmistakably, a large number of these traps are a consequence of Google's phenomenal programming and improvements. Auto-HDR+ mode is on as a matter of course; you'll have to cover down into the settings to really turn on a choice to incapacitate it. Google is sure its handling traps are the route forward, and on observing the outcomes, it's difficult to contend. Shots taken with Auto-HDR+ empowered show a portion of the best powerful range I've ever found in a picture gone up against a telephone – meaning you'll have an exquisite complexity between the lightest and darkest parts of the photograph. This is especially recognizable in scene shots, where you truly need that sentiment of profundity and scale. Auto-HDR+ likewise levels out presentation, guaranteeing a splendid sky doesn't victory the photo.

It's great around evening time as well

Most leader telephones in 2018 take brilliant photographs in bright conditions, however the Pixel 2 truly awes when lighting isn't exactly so perfect. Low-light photographs are splendid, have great introduction and still figure out how to catch unobtrusive hues and shadows. Indeed, even representations taken with the glimmer empowered are usable. Likely the main telephone to take preferable low light shots over the Pixel 2 is the Huawei P20.

Despite the fact that both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL forego the now regular double sensor setup, Google keeps on including a picture mode for obscuring the foundation and keeping the subject in sharp core interest. This works with both the back and forward looking 8-megapixel cameras, delivering shockingly great outcomes. The obscure impacts effortlessly coordinate Huawei's endeavors in the P20 and Mate 10; in any case, similar to the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, it battles with multifaceted subtle elements, for example, hair.

Video catch is phenomenal. The camera presently utilizes both EIS (electronic picture adjustment) and OIS (optical picture adjustment) to help keep away from jankiness, bringing about a smoother picture. Film is recorded up to 4K 30fps (no 4K 60 here), yet you'll most likely need to stick to 1080p at 60fps in case you're shooting anything with a great deal of movement.

Google Pixel 2 – Battery life

Cell phone configuration has made a major stride the correct way in 2017 and 2018, yet battery life hasn't seen comparable advances. I figured out how to get pretty much day of utilization from the Pixel off a solitary charge, and the same is valid for the Pixel 2

Utilizing the telephone to peruse the web for a few hours, take a progression of photographs and gushing some Spotify and YouTube left me searching for a charger by around 9pm. For a great part of the time, I was averaging only under four long stretches of screen-on time. This isn't terrible, particularly for a telephone of this size, however it's not really liable to lure you to purchase.

Pixel 2 camera

Where the telephone impresses is concerning backup times. Abandon it unplugged medium-term and you'll lose just a couple of percent. The same is valid if the gadget is unused in your pocket.

It does at any rate charge ludicrously rapidly. Hope to go from 0% to full in 1hr 10mins with the provided USB-C charger and USB-C to USB-C link. A 15-minute charge will see you recover around 30% of the battery.

Why purchase the Google Pixel 2?

The Pixel 2 is smaller, runs the best form of Android and has a dazzling, class-driving camera. On the off chance that exclusive it looked somewhat more present day then it would be the ideal little telephone.

When you get over the exhausting looks you'll have an incredible gadget, and imperatively one that'll last. Google said it will get the three next huge Android refreshes, which can't be said for some, different telephones.

Google Maps symbol iOS

Google Maps' area sharing element presently incorporates battery marker

On the off chance that you don't extravagant changing to the iPhone 8, at that point the Pixel 2 is the best comparably estimated elective. Be that as it may, in case you're not complained about size, at that point I would propose going for the Pixel 2 XL.


The best little Android telephone you can purchase. Be that as it may, I'd like a superior plan next time.

The persevering walk of telephone discharges goes ahead and we're straight from the dispatches of leaders from Samsung, with the Galaxy S9, and Nokia's 8 Sirocco handset. This, obviously, puts more established handsets - regardless of whether they're more seasoned by minor months - on the back foot, for example, Google's Pixel 2.

In any case, Google has quite recently uncovered it is finishing OS bolster for a portion of its even more seasoned models this year, to be specific the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, which means there is an exceptionally substantial motivation to exchange up. On account of this, particularly in case you're a fanatic of Google's range, you might be torn about moving up to the Pixel 2. All things considered, before you decide, take a read through our Pixel 2 survey underneath.

This time a year ago, the contrasts between the Pixel and Pixel XL were small to the point that we felt happy with putting the two audits under one URL. You couldn't escape with that this time around: the contrasts between the handsets are not only noticeable in size and cost, but rather in decision – one is a solid thumbs up, while the other is a major old "meh".

At the point when our crate of Googly goodness arrived a week ago, Jon – being audits editorial manager – got first dibs. The extravagant looking Pixel 2 XL was his for the end of the week, while I needed to agree to the additionally exhausting looking Pixel 2. I got the last snicker. While Jon was having a wide range of issues with the Pixel 2 XL, me and its littler sibling were having a brilliant time acclimating.

Notwithstanding two or three admonitions, I'd prescribe the Pixel 2 to anybody, while Jon would battle to prompt you purchase the Pixel 2 XL. Read on to discover why.

Google Pixel 2 audit: Design

Did you like the look of the first Pixel? On the off chance that you did, you're in good fortune. The Google Pixel 2 looks fundamentally the same as the first Pixel – truth be told, a barman at a Kingston bar inquired as to whether I was utilizing a Pixel when I was paying for drinks with Android Pay, since he was having issues with his.

Is that an issue? Not by any means. Approve, there's no edge-to-edge show like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone X, yet then the Pixel 2 does retail somewhere in the range of £50 and £370 less expensive. It's thin, light, and I for one like the finished aluminum back, which feels less elusive than the glass of its opponents. The unmistakable polished glass board is back, though littler than last time around, however other than that it's genuinely downplayed. Indeed, even the natural Google "G" is tranquil: dull dim on a dark foundation.

It's an indistinguishable weight from a year ago, tipping the scales at just 143g, however it has lost a little from its waistline, estimating a svelte 7.8mm to a year ago's 8.5mm. This isn't the staggering positive it initially shows up, however – truth be told, it's the plain meaning of getting thinner in the wrong places. The Pixel 2's crash eating regimen has guaranteed that the 3.5mm earphone jack is no more. Gone, yet not overlooked in any event – Google throws in a USB Type-C to 3.5mm connector in the case, which is superior to nothing. Be grateful for little kindnesses.

There's another killjoy on the plan front, despite the fact that it's one that will not shock anyone to any individual who's at any point purchased a Google-marked handset. There's still no space for expandable capacity. At the end of the day, the 64 or 128GB of locally available capacity is all you're consistently going to have.

That specific pill is made simpler to swallow with Google's offer of boundless photograph stockpiling in Google Photos, yet even that has a catch – it runs out in three years.

Google Pixel 2 audit: Screen

Turning on the Pixel 2 out of the blue uncovers a screen that is difficult to tell from the first Pixel – which is to state that it's great undoubtedly, however you're retreading old ground by perusing this area. It's the same 5in show, the same 16:9 angle proportion, the same 1,080 x 1,920 determination and AMOLED innovation... what's more, the same 441 pixels for every inch.

Oddly, shading precision is a modest piece more awful than a year ago's yet there is certifiably not an awesome arrangement in it and I question you'd spot it with the human eye. On the positive side, it goes a touch brighter, ascending to a greatest splendor of 418cd/m² contrasted and a year ago's 411cd/m². Being an AMOLED screen, differentiate is immaculate by definition.
In this way, on paper, some minor changes, yet all you truly need to know is that face to face, the Pixel 2 has a splendid screen with brilliant, dynamic hues and heaps of detail. Recordings look extraordinary, and symbols look perfectly sharp. It might be business as usual, yet when the same is comparable to a year ago, it's difficult to remain distraught.

Significantly, this improves it much than the Google Pixel 2 XL, which as Jon found in his audit, experiences discolouration when seen even from the smallest of points. You may think about whether we simply had a flawed unit – however we took a gander at those lent to our sister distributions IT Pro and Expert Reviews and discovered the very same issue.

Google Pixel 2 audit: Performance

Execution is awesome, as you'd anticipate from any lead Android handset in 2017, however the Pixel benefits particularly from the spotless, trim form of Android Oreo it accompanies. While different handsets are sitting tight quietly for the rollout, Google goes first and it's a delight to utilize. This will be the principal handset to get Android Papaya, Penguin, Pancake or whatever peculiar name Google concocts in 2018.

In any case, even the most enlarged of Android establishments would cruise alongside the Pixel 2's determination, which it imparts to a couple of its key opponents. Much the same as the HTC U11, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, OnePlus 5 and the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Pixel 2 is planned by the powerhouse Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor – a 2.35GHz octa-center creature. This is sponsored by a nice 4GB of RAM, which means it lines up precisely close by the S8, U11 and XZ Premium – just the OnePlus 5, with its additional 2GB RAM, remains in front.

This means, as far as execution, there's next to no to pick between all the primary players, as should be obvious from the chart beneath. Indeed, even the additional RAM in the OnePlus 5 doesn't mean much.

Minor contrasts be that as it may, truly, now individual inclination and value differentiators ought to be your integral factor. A similar stalemate is come to in 3D execution, with the Pixel 2 accomplishing 56fps on the outwardly serious GFXBench Manhattan onscreen test. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 accomplish bring down outcomes here, however simply because they have higher determination shows and along these lines must render more pixels per outline.

As far as battery life, Google doesn't exactly meet the high bar set by a year ago's Pixel. While that oversaw 16hrs 23mins in our rebuffing battery test (a circled video with screen splendor bolted to 170cd/m² in Flight mode), the current year's handset overseen "only" 14hrs 17mins. That puts it right amidst the pack: longer enduring than the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and HTC U11, yet well shy of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5.

Obviously, a circled video test, while a helpful measuring stick, doesn't reproduce all true conditions, and for the days I've been utilizing the Pixel 2, I've observed battery life to be great in reality. Battery appears empty gradually out of light screen utilize, thus far I've yet to dunk beneath 30% preceding getting some shut eye. What's more, with the packaged quick charger, getting it up to full limit is pleasingly expedient, as well.

Google Pixel 2 survey: Camera

Up until now, the Google Pixel 2 is doing admirably – however then so is each other leader telephone. Genuine, you spare £20 on the cost of its principle rivals, however that is the sort of sparing eaten up finished the two years of an agreement. Long haul Pixel clients will realize that Google's secret weapon is the camera, and by and by for still shots, this is just the best cell phone camera you can purchase.

In splendid conditions, the Pixel 2's 12.2-megapixel, f/1.8 OIS-and EIS-balanced out camera figures out how to outperform the high bar set by the first Pixel, and even surpasses the simple exclusive expectations of the HTC U11 and Samsung Galaxy S8. The dynamic range and shading immersion are right on target and the white adjust is unquestionably exact to boot. The first, on the odd event, would tinge pictures somewhat yellow – there's no confirmation of that here.

Be that as it may, it's low light shots that make the cell phone camera and, in these dubious conditions, the Pixel 2 genuinely exceeds expectations. By and by, the dynamic range and shading immersion are eminent. Shading maintenance is incredible, while clamor is splendidly monitored. The first Pixel oversaw marginally more extravagant hues, however that favorable position was counterbalanced by the previously mentioned slight tint of yellow. The more nonpartisan Pixel 2 gets approval here.

Picture 10 of 12Google Pixel 2 low light camera test

What's more, there a few new highlights to play around with too: "Movement photograph", which catches a short piece of video in the meantime as your stills, somewhat like the iPhone's Live Photos include; and "2Portrait", which completes a staggering activity of reproducing the foggy foundation bokeh you get from shooting with the gap totally open on a DSLR.

Clutch that champagne however, Google. There's a drawback. Also, that drawback is video.

While 4K video is fresh and overflowing with detail, the hues are everywhere. They appear to be hyper-immersed, and an immediate correlation with a year ago's Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S8 demonstrates that detail catch is impressively milder.

Google recaptures focuses for its splendid utilization of EIS (electronic video adjustment), which records film that appears as though it could have been recorded on Steadicam – yet you can't get away from the inclination this is a missed opportunity. Ideally, the interesting immersion can be enhanced by OTA refreshes.

Google Pixel 2 audit: Software and additional highlights

All things considered, on the off chance that anybody can settle that, Google can, as confirm by its sublime usage of Android 8.0 Oreo. It's spotless, lean and spritely, as well as it's pressed with shrewd highlights, as well. The dependably on screen, for example, is a fantastically valuable utilization of the telephone's OLED screen, illuminating just the pixels it needs to while showing the time, date and key warnings for all time on-screen.

Google likewise puts this to use with its next madly astute element "Now playing", which tunes in to what's happening around you, perceives melodies consequently and shows them at the base of the dependably on screen – and it does this without requiring a live web association.

At that point there's "Dynamic edge", an element that gorillas the HTC U11's squeezable edge to dispatch Google Assistant from the lockscreen or rapidly quiet approaching calls, and Google Lens. Too bad, the last is just a see of the propelled AI include showed amid Google I/O prior in the year (no live, in-camera picture investigation yet), however you can see the potential. Fly into Google Photos and feed Google Lens a photograph or two from your stream and you'll rapidly be inspired by its capacity to perceive items and points of interest; you'll additionally rapidly understand that it's a long way from wrapped up.

Things being what they are, the million dollar question (well, £629 – accuse the frail pound): would it be a good idea for you to purchase the Google Pixel 2? That is not exactly the clear yes or no inquiry it shows up on paper and depends a great deal on your own inclination. We should attempt and customize this decision.

In the event that you like the look of the Pixel 2, however incline toward a greater handset, don't full for the Pixel 2 XL until the point that they deal with the screen. Look to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or Note 8. Perhaps the Huawei Mate 10, if it's as amazing as it appeared in our opportunity hands-on with it.

In the event that you need the most value for your money, the Pixel 2 appears to be engaging in any case, in spite of undermining the Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and HTC U11 on value, it's still £180 more than the OnePlus 5. Also, now, you can without much of a stretch discover the S8 for around £500.

Approve, that is who shouldn't purchase the Pixel 2. Who should? The focal points the Pixel 2 have are two-overlay for my cash: the camera and the organization. The previous is anything but difficult to clarify: this is by a wide margin the best camera telephone available, taking wonderful shots in dubious conditions.

In any case, it's less superior to anything you can contend it merits disregarding the HTC U11 or Samsung Galaxy S8 for. The Googlyness (for need of a superior word) may very well be, in any case. The stripped back OS delighted in by the Pixel 2 is a delight to utilize. It's smart, accompanies all that you require and isn't over-burden with bloatware. I continue finding enchanting easily overlooked details that influence me to screech with amuse. Case: watching the features of Derby County's gallant 2-0 prevail upon Nottingham Forest, I got a message, so squeezed the home catch to research. Without asking, the match was limited to a dinky picture-in-picture square, playing on while I reacted.

That is a little thing, yet it's an essential one. While different organizations frequently stumble over themselves attempting to over-burden their telephones with new highlights, Google includes ones you discover normally and feel perfectly. Additionally, Google handsets perpetually get programming refreshes and new forms of Android first. In the event that that issues to you, the Google Pixel 2 remains a strong suggestion.

Simply don't be enticed by the XL.

Purchase the Pixel 2 from Carphone Warehouse

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Pixel 2 survey: Performance, camera and decision

Google Pixel 2 particulars

Processor Octa-center 2.35GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835


Screen size 5in

Screen resolution 1,920 x 1,080

Screen type AMOLED

Front camera 8-megapixel

Raise camera 12.2-megapixel

Flash dual-LED

Capacity (free) 64/128GB

Memory card space (supplied) No

Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Bluetooth 5.0


Remote data 4G

Dimensions 145 x 70 x 8 mm

Weight 143g

Working system Android 8.0

Battery size 2,700mAh

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