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Misfit Vapor review

The Misfit Vapor is a smartwatch that we thought we'd get our hands on somewhat prior in 2017. We initially fastened eyes on it in a Vegas lodging room filled of Fossil crossovers at CES in January. At that point we paused. Also, we held up some more.
Misfit Vapor

The Vapor was relied upon to arrive in the Summer however it never turned up. That discharge date got pushed back to October regardless it didn't turn up. Presently the sub-$200 Android Wear watch has begun to send, and in light of the measure of remarks we've had on the site about it, we're not by any means the only ones who have been pausing.

Cost when looked into:


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Having just propelled the Misfit Phase, its first half and half smartwatch, with the new Misfit Command additionally now transporting, the Vapor is the principal full-fat Wear watch to jump start out of the Fossil Group to solidly go up against sportier smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Gear S3, Garmin Vivoactive 3 and the Fitbit Ionic. We should include that the Fossil Q Control has quite recently been discharged as well, and it's close indistinguishable to the Vapor, just with a marginally unique outline.

That implies you can expect GPS (however just when associated with your telephone), pulse checking and committed games following for running, cycling and swimming as well. We've invested a decent measure of energy with the Vapor to discover what it resembles to utilize everyday, from warding off us from notices on our cell phone to following our exercises. So has the Misfit Vapor been justified regardless of the pause? Read on for our far reaching decision.

Nonconformist Vapor: Design and manufacture

vapor holding page

At first look, the Vapor won't strike you as extremely remarkable looking watch. It's pressing a 44mm brushed treated steel case and measures in at 13.5mm thick, which implies it's in no way, shape or form the sveltest of smartwatches. Yet, it is anything but a thick monster either. In case you're acquainted with what the Moto 360 resembles, at that point that'll give you a thought of what the Vapor looks like on your wrist. Many individuals preferred the Moto 360, and they'll most likely say the same in regards to the Vapor, however we think it truly relies upon what variant you go for.

We got the opportunity to try out the dark hardened steel alternative with the coordinating dark tie, which gives the Vapor a more moderate look however it just feels somewhat dull and somewhat conventional in contrast with the more attractive rose or gold tone choices. The all-dark form may be for rec center inviting, yet I ended up swapping it out for something somewhat more pleasant for whatever is left of the day.

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Talking about the groups, they are the 20mm kind and they are exchangeable with two catches that keep them safely set up. It'll cost you $19.99 to get an individual band or $59.99 in the event that you need a heap of them.

In the event that you like swimming, at that point fortunately the Vapor is waterproof up to 50 meters. So dissimilar to the dominant part of Fossil's Android Wear-running smartwatch gathering, you can securely scrub down and it'll even track your swim activity (more on that later).

vapor holding page

In advance and focus is a 1.39.- inch completely round AMOLED touchscreen show, which presses in 326 pixels for every inch. That really implies it has a marginally greater show than our present Android Wear fave, the LG Watch Sport, yet it has substandard screen quality. While it probably won't coordinate the Sport, it's as yet an outright beaut with its rich, profound blacks that truly enable the Vapor's show to emerge. Something that we have seen from the first occasion when we saw the Vapor is that the screen never again sits marginally raised over the bezel, which we really thought included a touch of character. It's a minor, yet we sort of preferred that component of the outline.

One screen include you may not really spot straight away is the touch delicate bezel or Virtual Touch Bezel as Misfit alludes to it as. This gives you an elective method to associate with the touchscreen show. So on the off chance that you swipe your finger over the best piece of the bezel, it'll move you amongst screens and is additionally coordinated into Misfit's very own portion applications to help route. Does it truly have a lot of effect similarly that say Samsung's pivoting bezel or Apple's computerized crown does? We're not all that persuaded. It doesn't have any obvious favorable position over connecting with the touchscreen in the standard way. Nonconformist may make them intrigue thoughts how it very well may be held onto as an element. At the present time, it's simply not that valuable.

To the extent other recovering highlights are concerned, you have that single physical catch on the correct hand side of the watch, which like most other Wear watches can be tapped to dispatch the application cabinet or held down to dispatch Google Assistant. Around the back is the pulse screen and that is extremely your parcel. Like we stated, in the event that you truly need to see the Vapor looking great, certainly go for one of the more lavish cases and band combos.

Oddball Vapor: Android Wear 2.0

Oddball Vapor audit

Truly, the most recent rendition of Google's working framework is running on the Vapor straight out of the case, which implies you can appreciate those key Android Wear 2.0 highlights including the capacity to get to the Play Store from the watch to download applications, appreciate more customisable watch faces and enhanced warning and informing support. It'll be refreshed to Android Oreo too, which doesn't guarantee radical changes however makes some helpful changes to the OS.

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To the extent our encounters blending the Vapor with an iPhone and an Android telephone, we've unquestionably had less issues with the last mentioned. While highlights like notices worked essentially without issue in the iOS domains, we experienced a great deal of issues associating and refreshing the watch, so merits keeping mind for any iPhone proprietors looking at up this specific Android Wear smartwatch.

There are some staple equipment includes on board to influence the most utilization of what Android To wear brings to the table. So the implicit amplifier brings bolster for Google Assistant and 4GB of capacity enables you to exchange music over to the watch. What's more, obviously, there's both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 2100 Wear processor controls the execution, which is prominently smooth without any indications of slack when you're swiping through screens and propelling applications.

One component that is missing is Android Pay bolster, because of the absence of implicit NFC. We've contended the case already that Pay should come as standard on all smartwatches however sadly not all Android Wear equipment newcomers have decided to incorporate it. You can add the Vapor to that rundown of smartwatches that won't let you pay for stuff from the wrist.

There's not a ton new occurring in the method for applications. It's basically what we've seen before preloaded onto Wear observes beside Misfit's wellness centered applications and a climate conjecture application, which looks smooth, yet it just reveals to you the climate for your present area. It's the same with the watch faces; don't expect anything strange here. There's a bunch of gorgeous Misfit countenances to pick from, yet you'll most likely need to wander into the Google Play Store to locate some better alternatives.

Oddball Vapor: Sports following

Oddball Vapor survey

As an organization Misfit has been established in wellbeing and wellness and with the Vapor, this is the main open door it has possessed the capacity to legitimately flex its games following aptitudes on a smartwatch since it was purchased out by the Fossil Group. That implies it'll make it less demanding to track strolls, runs, cycle sessions, swims and climbs. There's no GPS sensor be that as it may, which is the thing that we were at first guaranteed. So you rather you can piggyback off your telephone's GPS in the event that you need to track courses.

While you do have the advantage of downloading and utilizing outsider wellbeing and wellness applications or utilizing Google Fit, which comes pre-introduced, Misfit incorporates its own particular applications also. Oddball Activity is your place for really following an action while Misfit Activity Review is, well, quite simple. That is the place you can see your logged sessions.

Loner Vapor audit

Setting these up is in no way, shape or form consistent. You'll have to download the Misfit application onto your telephone and include the gadget inside the application to begin following. While it was moderately direct doing this on the Google Pixel 2 XL, we experienced significantly more issues doing it on an iPhone. Regardless of whether it was association issues between the watch on the telephone or setting up Wi-Fi, it simply didn't play pleasantly.

When we had things up and running, what you'll discover is really an extremely pleasantly outlined application. In run following mode, that touch touchy bezel is incorporated into the procedures giving you a chance to switch between screens containing run information, pulse data, music controls and mapping. It's a standout amongst other outlined games following applications we've seen on an Android Wear watch. It's only a disgrace it didn't generally work consummately.

Take the mapping for example, which, while seeming exact, did every so often hurl an advancement issue where the guide didn't legitimately fit onto the Vapor's round show. What was all the more concerning however was that in spite of apparently conveying precise mapping and run information in contrast with the Garmin Forerunner 935, the watch would arbitrarily end a followed session and come back to the fundamental watch screen. This happened a couple of times and we've bound the issue to the affectability of the screen when it's well used underneath a coat, which on the off chance that you live in colder climes is an entirely huge issue.

In any case, it wasn't an issue simply confined to running and open air action, it was likewise an issue in the swimming pool too. Setting it against the Forerunner 935 in swim following mode, it did the very same thing. Basically precise when it was following, however then it arbitrarily finished the session.

vapor holding page

Things don't show signs of improvement on the pulse observing front, and in case we're being straightforward we're not very astonished. You can go up against the-spot readings amid the day by means of Misfit's devoted Pulse application. While it by and large dispensed exact readings, it's the time it takes to create those readings that bothers. It's additionally presumably the motivation behind why Misfit offers a 'shrewd example' perusing, which accelerates the procedure yet isn't as exact as sitting tight for your heartbeat being recognized.

Nonconformist Vapor

Nonconformist Vapor

Wareable may get a commission

With regards to putting it under a magnifying glass amid an exercise, it's discovered needing. In couple of interim instructional courses, it was now and again 10-15 BPMs off the screens we were trying it against for precision. It basically couldn't deal with the high force stuff. Is similarly demoralizing that it's hard to discover where this pulse information is put away, in the event that it is by any means. For entirely stable pulse checking, it completes a fair employment, however this surely isn't the best optical pulse screen we've utilized.

Maverick Vapor: Battery life

Maverick says you ought to get throughout the day battery life and that is extremely your parcel. You may stretch to multi day and a half, yet that truly is pushing it and we've frequently wound up gazing at a clear screen if it's not been charged over night.

More worried that the battery deplete is quite serious notwithstanding when you're not pushing it as far as possible (i.e sports following). Simply utilizing it for warnings and even with the screen snoozing and screen shine set to programmed, it doesn't complete an awesome activity of saving force. One positive is that when it goes level it's a moderately snappy charge and the little accusing support that happens to the Vapor holds it safely set up.

Oddball Vapor

By Misfit

At the point when the Misfit Vapor was first declared, it guaranteed incredible games following highlights and Misfit's own particular working framework all wrapped up in an extravagance outline. What we wound up with was a smartwatch running Android Wear that transported with less highlights, some of which have been a let down. Perhaps Misfit will make another Vapor, possibly it won't. While there's surely the establishments of a gorgeous, energetic smartwatch here, your cash may be better spent somewhere else.


Decent looking (with the correct case)

Zippy execution

Very much outlined Misfit applications

Not very thick


Screen affectability issues with sports following


Pulse execution disappoints

Normal battery life

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